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marital status:

Current occupation:

Zip code:

Now living address:

Whether business too:

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Which industries operate or brand:

Ran as cabinets, please fill in the following

We ran a cabinet brand:

Currently operating cabinet brands:

How to store size, operating conditions:

Apply to join the regional market conditions

Apply to join the regional:


Regional Urban Population:

The average monthly household income:

Urban economic pillar:

Weather conditions:

Area within the existing cabinet-known brands:

Where sales of three brands:

The region's largest home building materials stores (or decorative Mall):

Cabinet top-selling home building materials stores (or decorative Mall)

Preparation franchise before investing

Is there an ideal store:

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If there is,Yes:

□Street store □Shop store

Store Area:

Store Availability:

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Store Address:

Are you planning to open branches:

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Business issues (investment plan)

Business Scope:

□cupboard □wardrobe other___________

Mode of operation:

□Owned □joint venture □other

It plans to invest:

____________Ten thousand yuan


□Self □loan Other forms___________

Franchise manager:

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