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Joining Process
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NO.1 Learn joining conditions

Read the book and to obtain conditions for joining

NO.2 qualification

Fill in the application form by fax to joining Marco Polo furniture company

Company management unit franchisee qualification.

NO.3 information

Responsible for providing proof of identity, store floor plans, store or property lease contract proof copy documents, relevant information business license copy files.

NO.4 procedures apply to join

Pay brand margin, signed a contract to join


Store decoration: company sent guidance.

Staff training: designers must be trained, after passing the examination to posts.

Exhibition design: carried out by Headquarters planning exhibition hall layout, decoration, design sample, the person in charge of the franchisee after the signing of the audit sample price of production.

NO.6 Hall acceptance

The basic configuration of the hall, including decor, sample mounting, placed props, office supplies, practitioners, and other work tools to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

NO.7 opened.

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