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1. join form: Marco Polo Furniture Co., Ltd. licensed brand and provide products to the franchisee, the franchisee full investment, set up shop, independent accounting, self-financing, and in the business management and supervision on the image receiving head office.

2. invested:

According to administrative levels and categories of economic and overall economic strength considerations: 5 ~ 100,000 yuan / month. (Note: does not include the rent.)

County / District: 6 to 80 000 prefecture-level cities: 5 ~ 100,000 capital city: 120 000

3. Operating Conditions

1) Exhibition area: County / District 70 to 80 square meters; prefecture-level cities from 80 to 120 square meters; capital / municipalities more than 120 square meters.

2) the number of samples: according to the standard configuration, 4-6 sets (County / District); 6-8 sets (prefecture-level cities); 8 sets (capital / Territory) above.

3) Select the shop: located in Vaughan independent commercial facade or entering the professional market (such as a decorative market).

4) Hall renovation: CIS according to the company standard program (National Unity) decorated.

5) office supplies: Configure a dedicated fax machine and a computer and Internet access.

6) Requirements Monopoly: Monopoly must "Marco Polo" Marco Polo and kitchen products company related products, not selling fake goods.

7) accepting Marco Polo's design, production and billing process, as well as the basic operating principles and business philosophy.

8) Brand Margin: 10000 to 15000 yuan, suspended cooperation after the relevant procedures for End-refundable.

9) Enjoy Marcopolo incentives and other policies.

4. staffing and professional quality

1) The person responsible should have the basic qualities:

A. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a certain management, operational capacity, the ability of sustainable development.

B. have a certain financial strength, a good credit funds.

C. with a certain cultural foundation and the ability to manage the computer.

D. any investment risks, investment risks and benefits of Marco Polo have the right awareness and adequate psychological preparation.

2) design: at least one, secondary education, professional computer better understand AutoCAD, 3D mapping, (county, district franchisee may be responsible for part-time).

3) Purchasing Guide: at least one high school or above, the image of good temperament, articulate.

4) Installation: at least a junior high school or have basic carpentry better.

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