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Furniture industry into the era of brand competition intensifies

  "For a long time, more domestic brands dominate the market by quality and design." Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association president Albert Wong said that while the lack of furniture brand marketing, make it difficult for consumers to judge. In addition, enterprises scattered, brands are household industry, market structure adjustment is inevitable, the coming era of brand home industry. This stems from the home consumer brand awareness, degree of concern for brand products tend to gradually, over time, more and more marketing focus to brands, small brands have a crowding-out effect.

  "Now the furniture industry to usher in an age of branding, companies focus on brand, but also pay more attention to the terminal media, this would help promote their own to improve the quality, safety and environmental protection to consumers can purchase the product; the one hand, consumers have access to more furniture expertise to facilitate the procurement of rational comparison and choose. "Albert Wong pointed out that he predicted that" big green "concept has gradually become the mainstream of furniture, it is now too much emphasis on solid wood furniture brand, highlighting its green performance, but the global timber resources less and less, therefore, caution natural wood, more consideration plywood, veneer, in order to achieve a sustainable development of the real.

  Categories increasingly specialized, meticulous

Products on the market in the past relatively simple furniture, furniture accounted for "half." With the continuous improvement of the rapid development of the market and consumer demand, the furniture market is gradually moving towards specialization and standardization. It is understood that furniture can be divided into furniture, solid wood furniture, children's furniture, custom furniture and other categories, many furniture companies are integrated brand furniture stores, furniture categories relatively complete. Furniture Categories becoming more and more professional and be meticulous, mainly due to the overall industry has achieved the modernization of production, expanding production and marketing team, the production cost increases, growing brand on the market, the market share has been continuously divide sale radius also reduced accordingly. Faced with this bottleneck, enterprises should develop, we can only choose the expansion - to increase investment in product lines, product lines long, the dealer's choice on a wider surface, and the manufacturers, merchants in terms of both favorable. At present, many people have the pursuit of quality home furniture Categories finer the more professional, greater consumer choice, different styles, different materials, different types of furniture, are beneficial to the consumer to grasp the size, color and style.

  Home market into a deep competitive era

  As people meet the basic needs of the domestic industry, sunrise industry, department stores and appliance stores are struggling to reach extends to the home field. Looking at recent home market, home + Bank + home appliances, home department ...... + new cooperative mode after another. Obviously home market has entered a "deep competition" era.

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