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Let our kitchen from perfect more recent.

A mistake: range hoods impractical

** President: I am a full-time housewife, when new home renovation, the kitchen is my bother. My whole kitchen imported brands, beautiful appearance, complete functions. The only regret is selected a thin flat-hoods. Then I see is its shape, but now find that it's smoking too weak. Make a meal, the kitchen taste particularly large, long time do not loose. Hoods and want to change too much trouble, do not change and can not solve the big problem of fumes, so I am very distressed.

Designer: Kitchen had imported brands in the market, its harmonious design and the overall appearance of the kitchen range hood so that people themselves. Indeed, flat-body design, concise fashion. Although expensive, still popular market. However, it is not suitable for Chinese food, fried, fried, cooked, cooking fried form, because too shallow hoods or no hoods, no time to take away the fumes spill diffusion serious. Over time, adhered to the greasy counter or wall. Kitchen hygiene will make you become another headache.

To solve this problem, we recommend that you change deep-cover type hoods. Such models include the type of deep or deep container type, are set deeper (larger volume) of hoods. When the high speed fan, hoods above a certain negative pressure, for containing too late to take away the fumes, functions as a buffer, which can eliminate a lot of smoke spill diffusion phenomenon.

Two wrong: Operating area layout is unreasonable

** President: distance from my kitchen vegetables basin and the side wall of less than 10 cm, and next to the stove, almost no place to put a chopping board operations. It does a dish, the vegetables to the right of the stove and then to the left of the cooking stove, to and fro, in particular, does not go smoothly. Originally, the house water pipes and gas pipes are wall-row side by side, the cabinet company design, the easy way directly near a stove pipe installation and vegetables basin. I really regret his original did not take into these details, causing people uncomfortable situation now.

Designer: such as Ms. Wu troubles, many readers told us before, but to fundamentally solve the problem, maybe you have to change the pipeline, for a table.

Renovated kitchen is sure to emphasize practical, not only to combine operational flow of the operating area reasonable layout, as well as surface height, height and thickness of the cabinet, the brightness of light and other issues, should be adjusted according to the specific needs of the owners. Home "chef" opinion is very important, as far as possible, after thorough consideration, and then with the cabinet depth communication designers.

Our designers through the design to realize their vision, but to really feel convenient operation, is the need to combine more personal experience and life experience of the owners.

Three mistakes: unrealistic pine table

** Mr.: decoration, in order to pursue my favorite country garden style, cabinets are designed to be open, no doors, with coarse linen curtains do block, cabinet table also gave up finished the stage, and use a simple pine boards allow workers to splice in the field and the last brush waterproof paint on the table. I thought water should be no problem, but it may be because the pine wood material, it is inevitable there will be water, dehydrated gradually shrink, leading countertop where the transfer of a growing crack, glue does not help, and when there is table when the water, the water seeped into the cabinet. Now I can replace the table to solve the problem.

Designer: ** Mr. seems indeed too idealistic. Although pine boards countertop looks "cool", but after all kitchen countertops are the most contact with water, and while the timber is easier absorbent material, it is a matter of crack and deformation. Now rustic design trend is strong, so the building materials market in this style is also correspondingly more complete material, you can select the appropriate materials to replace wood. Practical and aesthetic decoration is always a contradiction, but as long as the election of a material, this contradiction is a good balance.

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