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Cabinet Cabinet classification

Cabinet cabinet shape, divided into wall cabinets, cabinets, special cabinet-shaped three categories, which include washing dishes, cooking, storing four.

1, wall cabinets to store the main, and often there will be some decoration cabinet, such as glass door cabinets, wine cabinets, wall cabinets and end round laminate cabinets, etc., to meet the storage function of the premise, hanging cabinet there will be a change away from colorful to show a different personality of each owner's kitchen.

2, the cabinet also has memory function, simultaneously cabinet wash cabinet, kitchen cabinet and cabinet cuisine is a must option. Washing cabinet, kitchen cabinet in cabinet about cooking, kitchen cabinets above the enclosure facing the smoke.

3, a special kitchen cabinets to solve specific problems. Such as high closet, on the top and along the wall cabinet flush, built soaring pull blue, most can hold things; and if the corner cabinet, 270 Ann Ann occlusal surface, built-in 360-degree turn blue, can live with a dead corner.

If you buy cabinets, you should pay attention to:

1, cabinet style

a. idyllic extensive use of wood panels and components, showing exquisite carpentry skills, so if you enter a country house in general. Full of leisure, respected natural, the most cherished family warm feeling to meet people.

. B modern style fire board or paint panel meets in a hurry do not have much time to take care of these people need; concise is the biggest feature and charm.

c. a classic style teak handle or by the teacher for some lines revealing the details of dedication to quality, kneading and the respect and love of tradition to modern life.

d. combination of avant-garde style of metal and glass, strong color contrast, is not simply the pursuit of fashion, but in a positive gesture to show self-style, unconventional is the most important feature of this style.

2, the cabinet assembly methods

Assembly Cabinet:

Such cabinets similar to the ever popular modular furniture, independent member, and has previously carried out mass production. Its advantage is that the price is usually cheaper, the assembly process is simple, but according to the instructions can single-handedly. Businesses can be based on the size of the kitchen and internal situation, to provide you with the most appropriate combination of assembly.

    Semi-assembled cabinets:

    If you do not want to personally assembled, or more unique shape of the kitchen, and the kitchen area as long as you like material, style and color, component manufacturers will be made and can be assembled in charge. Its match is very flexible and can be a good and limited space applications.

    Custom cabinets:

Three cabinet custom cabinetry is the most flexible choice of one, usually arranged by designers, material, style, design all aspects of the freedom of the designer too according to the preferences and requirements of customers, tailor-made the most reasonable cabinets .

3. Select the cabinet material

①, countertops cabinets countertops kitchen cabinets can be divided into granite countertops, stainless steel countertops, Laminate countertops, polymer artificial stone, artificial jade sink countertops.

②, kitchen cabinet door has fireproof door, Binghua plate door, solid wood door, painting door, PVC molded plastic door, metallic door, melamine plates and other materials.

③, the host material cabinets usually have two materials particleboard and MDF.

4, cabinet pricing

By extension meters denominated: the push-length calculation. But the standard is not unified in this way.

The monomer cabinet Operators: This is pricing cabinets, doors, hardware count as a whole, with each style as a unit, may be considered as money set pricing table separately.

Quartering: Coming cabinets, doors, hardware, countertops calculated separately, tailor-made.

Member method: This method can be regarded as a change of quartering, to maximize the material and price together.

Factors to be considered later cabinet

1, select consumer satisfaction or service trust home market.

2, to shop around for the aspects of the same style, same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects to consider.

3, to shop for the products environmentally friendly materials testing report.

4, depending on room size and shape of the cabinet cabinet has set straight, U-shaped, L-type design of several modeling methods, many families the kitchen is small in size, the overall size of kitchen cabinets can design modeling, full use of space, making cabinet room more tidy and organized.

5, convenient and safe kitchen was the only principle the use of fire in the area, so the surface of the kitchen fire resistance is an important criterion for selecting kitchen cabinets. Cabinet surface layer material regular manufacturers, all using non-combustible or flame-retardant material.

6, to the merchant or the organizers ask for product warranty card.

7, the invoice must indicate the cabinet material, size, quantity, price, amount of the contract.

8, sales staff would like to consult the cabinet record price method.

9, organizers and manufacturers to understand the name, address, contact person, telephone, in order to solve quality problems can contact.

Cabinet discrimination

    Identification of the cabinet drawer structure from the quality of the merits inkling evident. When it opened the drawer to automatically shut about 2CM, it should belong to the class structure with metal drawer roller rail combination capable of supporting the weight of the more generally supporting more than 24 kg weight. Splice connection, good cabinets will use the wedge joints plus screws to secure the engagement position of the board. In addition, should pay attention to the thickness of the bottom drawer, the drawer material must be higher than other parts of the thick, because this structure can make the bottom drawer Buzhi Yu deformation withstand greater weight.

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