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 Service measures and commitments

Installation and commissioning

                A: according to customer requirements to complete the installation site in the world and provide installation and commissioning plans to develop rigorous, strict accordance with product quality and technical dimension in customer requirements to complete the installation and commissioning tasks

B in the world: The company has set up a special after-sales service section, with professional maintenance and installation personnel in technical education more than 40, have been professional product knowledge and performance, product installation training, to ensure product quality and customer site installation requirements of the installation progress.

                    Aftermarket TechnologyMaintenance Services

                A: customer complaints: the establishment of professional after-sales service, handling customer complaints. 0769-2207439 established service lines, all customer complaints to make a decision within 4 hours, and telephone or fax back to the customer within 24 hours of professional service personnel rushed to the scene to repair.

B: Periodic check: every 3 months (no longer than six months) or regular home phone call Jane examination, to understand the use of furniture, if the problem on-site maintenance, on-site maintenance can not immediately feedback the customer service department to deal with customer complaints approach .

C: Warranty Commitment: All & quot; Polo Furniture & quot; products are sold to enjoy the normal use of "eight years warranty and lifetime maintenance" services.

D: such as the repair time of the products more than five days. The company provided free of charge related worries alternative for customers until the product is completely warranty service is completed, dispense with the customer free of charge.
                Specific requirements of the contract process.

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